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Jackson Forbes

Founder    Speaker, Student-Athlete, Mentor & Entrepreneur


Speaker, Student-Athlete, Mentor & Entrepreneur

Jackson Forbes, in his 3rd year at Princeton University made a push to combine his love for entrepreneurship and his passion for inspiring youth and young adults into something real and tangible. The result of that passion was ROBO, a brand built on a mental toughness platform, meant to encourage people to persevere and excel in all they do!

Before college, Jackson lived in Plano, TX. He attended John Paul II High School in Plano, serving his school and community through athletics and community service. He became the first student from JPII High School to attend an Ivy League University, Princeton University, at which he would continue to pursue his passions.

Now, after 3 years of undergrad, Jackson has shown himself to be more than just a scholar and an athlete. He has worked hard to be a strong leader for the community, serving as a mentor for first-generation low-income students, an officer on the Varsity Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and as an advisor and trusted friend to many.  At the conclusion of his Junior year, Jackson was 1 of 8 in the entire student body to receive the annual Spirit of Princeton Award, which recognizes those who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the undergraduate experience through dedicated efforts in student organizations, athletics, community service, religious life, residential life and the arts. Jackson has always claimed that his passion lies in youth and young adults. His goal is to motivate and inspire those who hear his message to defy the limits, push beyond the quitting points, and persevere in everything that they do!


Landon Russell

Partner    Student-Athlete, Coach, Entrepreneur, & Writer


Student-Athlete, Coach, Entrepreneur, & Writer


Landon Russell, in his junior year at Yale was approached with the idea of ROBO and was instantly intrigued, having always been fascinated with the idea of mental toughness and convinced of its importance to success in all facets of life. Because of this, combined with his passion for working with people, Landon wanted to help spread the message of ROBO.  

Born and raised in Fort Worth, TX, Landon played basketball, football, and was a member of the National Honor Society at Nolan Catholic High School. While growing up playing multiple sports and balancing academics, Landon learned of the importance of implementing different aspects of mental toughness and personal development into his everyday life.

At Yale, Landon was a member of the varsity basketball team for three years and received the Richard Derby award for academic and athletic excellence for having the highest cumulative grade point average on the team. He also served on the Yale Student Athlete College Council. Landon is currently working towards attending Law School. His goal is to make a positive impact on people, help them improve their mindset, and ultimately help to put others in a better position to succeed. 


Arthur MacWaters

Partner    Speaker, Student, Coach, & Entrepreneur


Speaker, Student, Coach, & Entrepreneur


Arthur "Mac" MacWaters was a junior at Princeton University's Architecture program when he began collaborating with longtime friend and fellow Princetonian Jackson Forbes. "Mac" had deeply expanded his life with a passion for personal development and the strategies for creating an extraordinary quality of life. The one question his friends could tell fascinated him was, "How do I live the most massive, incredible existence, and how do I help other people expand their lives?" This became his creed. To never stop growing, and unleash the drive to find the next horizon, and the next one after that.

Growing up in and going to school in Trinidad, Colorado created in him a deep-seated love of adventure and the wild. From mountainsides to athletic fields, he learned the difference between soul-satisfying accomplishment, and soul-numbing monotony. It lies only in the willingness of the individual to truly expand their capacities. As a referee for youth soccer as well as a tutor, Mac discovered a passion for working with people whose lives he could inspire and improve.

At Princeton, Mac has been driven in campus ministry, club baseball, service on the Senior Commencement Committee, tutoring, and fitness training. He is currently pursuing a slot in the Navy's Officer Program, where he seeks an even greater level of service and leadership. He has devoted himself to studying strength training and nutrition, which he has shared with numerous friends. Mac's goal is to motivate and empower all those he meets, to seize their future, thrive in the challenges of life, and become fearless to achieve their passion.


Brianna M. Ziegler

Partner    Writer, Speaker, Student-Athlete,   & Life Coach


Writer, Speaker, Student-Athlete, & Life Coach


Brianna M. Ziegler, finishing up her last semester at Kean University has always wanted to make a positive impact on the world, and live a life that would enable her the ability to have great stories to tell and experiences to share. 

In High School, Brianna was a part of the Newton High School’s Boy’s Football team playing as a Defensive End and Extra-Point Kicker.  At the end of her football career Brianna was the first female at Newton High to play all four years, she was the first female to receive a varsity letter, and she was the first female to score points for the varsity team.

Entering Kean University Brianna knew she wanted to continue in sports, continue to make a difference, and continue with the things that she felt passionately towards. From that, Brianna became a student-manager for both Kean University’s Men’s Basketball and Football teams.

Within Kean's Athletics Brianna was promoted to Head Student Manager her junior year. Overseeing all student-manager operations, and other student managers.

Nothing comes easy, and Brianna knew that pursuing a career in the sports industry was going to take time, effort, and dedication. Starting early in her college career Brianna started gaining work experience through a variety of internships. It was during her internship with Princeton University’s Men’s Basketball Team that Brianna met Jackson Forbes and was introduced to ROBO. 

Currently, Brianna is a powerlifter competing on the national level. In her first ever competition in November of 2016, Brianna placed gold in her class and is now New Jersey’s State record holder for all powerlifting lifts in her division!

Brianna is a firm believer in the idea that you can accomplish anything, and wants to express to others that you too can accomplish all things.


Inspiration Behind the Name

During his freshman year at Princeton University, Founder Jackson Forbes was given the nickname "RoboJack" by one of his senior teammates on the basketball team. The nickname stuck instantly, and soon after it was shortened to "Robo". Eventually, Jackson embraced the nickname, adapting it as part of his own mentality. If he remembered his own unrelenting tenacity and reminded himself that he had the efficiency of a machine, he could push himself to do anything. Whether it was on the court, in the weight room, in the classroom, or at work, Robo pushed himself to be efficient, productive, and passionate. Robo was constantly striving to redefine his own limits in order to push past the status quo, and in this pursuit he embraced the mentality to be More Than Human. He realized that he wanted to inspire others to do the same, and through some teammate banter, ROBO was born. 


Now ROBO is more than a nickname, it is a message of encouragement to Reach Out Beyond Oneself.

Jackson "RoboJack" Forbes - CEO & Founder of ROBO

Jackson "RoboJack" Forbes - CEO & Founder of ROBO