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Reach. Out. Beyond. Ordinary.

" I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was."

                                 - Muhammad Ali



About Us

The 40% Rule

Research shows that the "limits" we set in our minds actually keep us from reaching our full potential. We are capable of so much more, but the body typically tells the mind that it is time to quit only at the 40% threshold. This threshold is established in the mind, but the mind is capable of moving that threshold in order to exercise more of the human body's potential. 

ROBO was derived from the 40% Rule, meaning every time that you are at your quitting point, there is still 60% left in the tank. ROBO takes this concept that is believed to be more of a physical/fitness concept and we apply it to everything in life, from fitness and athletics to academics and career. There are quitting points and obstacles in almost everything that we do, but with the right mentality you can overcome them.

ROBO is a way of life! We challenge you to "Reach Out Beyond Ordinary." The mission with ROBO is to provide a lifestyle or method that will inspire and motivate people to reach out beyond the limits that we set for ourselves in our own minds and access our full potential.